James Coulter provides a comprehensive creative service to a select range of clients working locally, Nationally and Internationally. He has built career based on a 'lateral thinking' platform - now often referred to as Design Thinking.

He has worked on International product development with outstanding success. This included Japan literally agreeing to distribute a range of optical lenses which they had previously rejected. The product branding,imaging and marketing platform was chosen over that of agencies in the United Kingdom and United States of America for internatioanl launches in Europe; this scenario was repeated with another Asian-Pacific product undertaken by James for the same company being selected by Europeon outlets over that of agenicies in UK and USA. This replicated an earlier pattern of success for Greyhoud Australia when they wanted to make a push for the Europeon markets.

James worked in Denmark with cluster expert Rodin Genoff, having their client chosen as one of three for a world wide tender. He was contracted as the Marketing manager of the Master Builders [SA] to reposition them and in that journey created the Television Series Building Ideas. He worked Mike Bowden and Brian Leckie, General Manager of Angas Park fruit company in a repositioning process over 14 months which saw them featured for 6 months on Qantas airlines - so successful was the repositioning that the sale of Angas Park followed.

James was commissioned by the SA Government to design and produce the signage for the Lion Arts Centre for the formal opening by Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth . A guest of Professor Corkingdale on Branding and positioning to Post Graduate Masters in Marketing students; innovation in structural and visual design for the City of Adelaide sign and communication policy.

Nominated as Artist in Residence at Adelaide University working with Tristram Cary and Dr Christopher Bell, and was a partner with Eric A. Bryce AO in the creation, design and publication of the Tertiary College Music textbook 'A bridge from Traditional to Jazz Related Harmonic Concepts'. He was the principle designer [set, props and costumes] for Doppio Parallelo - co-winner of the prestigious Sidney Meyer Foundation Award. His creative relationship with Teresa Crea was combined with the professional team on the development of the Blinman Mine Experience - a beakthough interpretation and development in experiential tourism in tours.

James co-conceived with Dr Christopher Bell and was responsible for designing the original Festival Fringe Parade of the Tall People and its construction, which passaged from the west end to the ritualistic opening by the then Premier John Bannon in the East End.

His collaboartive philosophy is the foundation platform of any engagement and has seen the evolution of CoulterCulture. This division has seen James commissioned to develop innovative concepts on cultural growth opportunity in a public place - An interactive sign system built around cultural recordings of community members with a soundscape created by Dr Luke Harrald was recently commended by the Mayor of Marion in its role for community engagement and its part in contributing to the winning of a National Award - the Heritage and Cultural category, Keep Australia Beautiful Sustainable Cities Award 2013. An exciting oportunity for the public space of Tramstop 6 has also been initiated. James has run workshops on topics such as 'The Myth of Talent' and development workshops for the Costa group to assit in changing attitudes and behaviour.

The process is an open inclusive conversational approach that provides a deep insight into positioning and brand building, ultimately moving forward with a well founded value base.